Rewards RWD Progress Update – May 23rd

What’s up with RWD?

A lot more than we had anticipated! We built MyCryptoCheckout with a small team. We put together one of the most popular crypto payment gateways known to WordPress, and we did it with a small team, learning as we went.
Unfortunately, and perhaps unsurprisingly, creating a cross-platform rewards token in today’s unstable world proved to be a lot more work than we were expecting.

What has changed?

We did not anticipate several stumbling blocks:
• RWD requires a lot more work
• More work requires a larger team
• A larger team requires more funding
Add a team leader’s unexpected illness to the above and you get a token that has great potential, but with a more capable team.

What is the future of RWD?

At the present time, we have reached a point where we cannot push the token more forward ourselves. So we are opening the door to giving ownership to a capable team with more active resources. Otherwise, the project will be in limbo for the the foreseeable future.

To date, we have not converted any tokens, nor removed any liquidity from the pools.

Interested parties can send an e-mail to [email protected]

The Telegram group will be paused for the time being as no one is moderating it. However, any future messages about the projects transition will be posted here.
Staking and the bridge will remain functional for the time being. If at some point in the future they are to be shuttered, an announcement would be made will ample time to unstake.