Rewards RWD Progress Update – Sept 25th

Hi Everyone. Update below.

== Staking ==

Since the staking launch 10 days ago, a total of 21,210,233 RWD is currently in the staking contracts. This includes what’s been staked and the APY rewards. The amount is equivalent to around 15% of the circulating supply. We are working on adjusting the staking gas fees, particularly the approve fees. The gas is set a bit high right now, in most cases it will not use most of the gas it displays though.

Additionally, the staking page uses web3 code to connect wallets to the contract. The code is standard, so any wallet that has web3 support should technically work but we do recommend Metamask for the time being until other wallets are further tested.

== Website ==

A bridge section, and a staking section has been added to the website ( Along with a blog for a centralized place to post future updates. We have been migrating all of the older updates to the blog.

An RWD section has also been added to the MyCryptoCheckout homepage (

== More Chain Interoperability ==

Smart contracts to add more cross-chain interoperability are in the works. MATIC and TRON will be the first couple chains of many to come. As mentioned before chains will be added 1 by 1 alongside bridges. This will begin to roll out within the next couple weeks.

== Point of Sale App ==

The POS app is still in its mid stages of development. Focus has shifted to this since the release of staking. It has been decided that the POS app will be launched as a progressive web app (PWA). It’s best suited since the app requires an internet connection to communicate with the payment API, as well as user roles. Additionally, as a PWA, device compatibility will be maximized and launching will be faster. Still no exact release date yet as coding has not yet been fully completed. Will keep everyone updated.

== Suggestions/Ideas Box ==

Some great suggestions and ideas have come from you all. If you have a suggestion or idea you would like to see incorporated into the project, you can now add it to the suggestions/ideas box using the link below.

– Rewards/MyCryptoCheckout Team