Rewards RWD Progress Update – July 24th

Hi Everyone. Lots of updates.

== Airdrop ==

Let’s start with the airdrop. For the main sale, the upcoming airdrop bonus will be increased to 20% rather than the original 10%. Presale participants will also receive the additional 10% airdrop since they only received 10% to date. However, because we are airdropping an additional 10% in tokens, this will be hedged against the initial DEX listing price. Because everyone will have received tokens at a slightly lower price the DEX price will start 6% less as well 0.014.

Airdrop will be completed within 12 hours. Announcement will be made when done.

== Token Burn ==

This is big. So the remaining of the sale tokens were planned to be burned from the start. However, we are now going to bring the tokenomics more inline with the sales pool. The team pool and other pools are too large compared to the sales, so we are going to be burning tokens from all pools.

Burn from sale pool = 195,937,209
Burn from team and other pools = 93,292,593
Total burn amount = 289,229,802

Total supply after burn = 210,770,198 RWD

Burn will be completed within 12 hours. Announcement will be made when done.

== Updated Tokenomics ==

The tokenomics charts on the website will be updated to reflect this once the burn is completed.

Marketing: 30,000,000 14.2%
Bounties: 7,407,407 3.5%
Liquidity: 49,351,000 23.4%
MCC Cashback Program: 37,000,000 17.6%
Team 32,949,000 15.6%
Sale after airdrop 54,062,791 25.7%
Total supply 210,770,198

Timelock: 75,000,000 (25mm per year)

Release Year 1
10,983,000 (Team)
6,166,666 (MCC Cashback Program)
7850334 (Marketing)

Release Year 2
10,983,000 (Team)
6,166,666 (MCC Cashback Program)
7,850,334 (Marketing)

Release Year 3
10,983,000 (Team)
6,166,666 (MCC Cashback Program)
7,850,334 (Marketing)

== DEX Pools ==

The DEX pools are set to launch on July 26th on both Uniswap and Pancakeswap. A $400k minimum pool will be seeded, $200k minimum on each chain. This is a very large portion of the sale raise and was ultimately the main goal of the sale.

To encourage others to join the liquidity pool, we are going to airdrop $5000 of $ETH and $BNB to liquidity pool providers after one month. A snapshot will be taken on August 26th. Anyone who has contributed a minimum of 17,857 RWD to the pool at the time of the snapshot will be eligible for a percentage of the airdrop. The amount of ETH or BNB airdropped to participants will be proportional to their pool contribution. This program will likely continue for a couple months but we will make a decision after we see how it goes the first month.

We will be publishing a more in-depth guide and details about this after the pools are deployed.

== Token Bridge ==

ETH<>BSC token bridge is nearly completed. We expect to deploy the interface in the next couple of days. Testing is now underway and will ultimately decide when it gets released.

== Announcement ==

Announcement will be coming out Monday around 9am EST about a very large crypto project we have begun to work with over the last couple weeks. Both them and us will be making the announcement. Stay tuned!

If you have any other questions just ask.

– MyCryptoCheckout Team