Rewards RWD Progress Update – Aug 31th

Hi Everyone. Quick update.

== Rewards August DEX Liquidity Pools Airdrop ==

Our last snapshot of the DEX liquidity pools will occur in a little less than 24 hours on August 31th @ 23:59! Within 48 hours of the final snapshot, $5000 of ETH and $5000 of BNB will be airdropped to participants based on their proportion of the pools! An announcement will be made once the airdrop is completed.

== App/Dapp Development ==

There are currently 3 apps/dapps in progress at various lifecycle stages of development.

Staking Dapp: the staking dapp is in its late stages of development. It took around a week to complete the initial code and virtual blockchain (Ganache) testing. The next stage is security audit and hardening. Then pushing it to the testnet(s). We expect it to be live on the testnet later this week. At which time we will post a voting poll with some APY options and staking times. It will need to run on the testnet for about 1 week, barring any issues it will then be mainnet ready.

Point of sale app (POS): The POS app is in its mid stages of development. This will be the next app to be released after the staking dapp. We don’t have an exact release date set yet as coding has not yet been fully completed. Once the initial coding and testing is completed, the POS app will move into a release cycle of alpha -> beta -> v1.0. It will start off being available to a limited number of users which will continue to grow until it is available to everyone at the v1.0 release.

Rewards app: The Rewards app is in its early stages of development. This will be the final app to be released of the year in Q4. Like the POS app, once the initial coding and testing is completed, the Rewards app will move into a release cycle of alpha -> beta -> v1.0.

== Plugin ==

We are continuing to add new features into the MCC plugin highlighting RWD more than we already have. A company starting to use it designed something for the checkout and sent it to us this past week. It was a great idea so we are incorporating it. As new elements are added and released they will be announced.

== More Chain Interoperability ==

Initial work has begun on smart contracts to add more cross-chain interoperability. Chains will be added 1 by 1 alongside bridges. Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) compatible chains will come first since they are the easiest in terms of development.

== Advertising ==

Advertising will continue and it will increase when we release the app as well. Twitter, YouTube, etc, seem to have had very little effect to date, so we have been inquiring at alternative places like bscscan, etherscan, brave browser, and some other similar places. Will keep everyone posted as we hear back.

== Suggestions/Ideas Box ==

Some great suggestions and ideas have come from you all. If you have a suggestion or idea you would like to see incorporated into the project, you can now add it to the suggestions/ideas box using the link below.

– Rewards/MyCryptoCheckout Team