Rewards RWD Progress Update – Aug 10th

Hi Everyone. Couple of quick updates.

== MCC Rewards Program Day 1 Summary ==

Individuals tx issued: 89
Average RWD amount: 506
Average dollar amount: $6

Keep in mind, the daily summary is going to fluctuate day to day, and week to week. For example, today’s individual tx’s are greater than yesterday’s 12hrs into the 24hr timeframe. We will be improving the process of this program over the next few days: frequency, gas, automation, and so forth. All went well for day one, but of course there is room for improvement as we get things dialed in. Summary reports will continue over the next couple days.

== Token Contract Audit ==

Even though we utilized the most secure and audited solidity library to compile our token contracts, some wallets, exchanges, and people would like to see an individual token contract audit. Therefore, we have submitted our token contracts to be audited and expect a full report back within the next week. Once it is ready we will publish a link to the full report.

== Promo ==

A press release will be going out later this week covering the token bridge we built and deployed.

If all goes well, late next week we may be able to announce our next pretty large partnership. Time may vary depending on how quickly the announcement is reviewed and agreed upon by both the other company and us.

== Staking ==

The team has been discussing staking options. It could be a bit before staking pools are able to be properly deployed on/for large DEXs. We may deploy staking contracts on-chain and a user interface (UI) to interact with them in the short term to allow for staking more quickly. We are looking for some feedback from the community on this. Would this be of interest to get staking sooner?

If you have any other questions just ask.

– Rewards/MyCryptoCheckout Team