Airdrop and Burn Completed – July 25th

Hi everyone.

Update on the airdrop and burn.

== Airdrop ==

On Sunday the 25th of July we airdropped the extra 10% tokens (total 20%) to the presale buyers and 20% extra tokens to the main sale buyers.

The airdrop was made with multisender on both chains: ETH and BNB.

The Ethereum transaction is:

The Binance transaction is:

For those that purchased tokens several times, the Binance airdrop was grouped together so you received the whole 20% at once.

The Ethereum airdrop was unfortunately sent ungrouped, and while multisend is a built-in feature of Ethereum, some wallets are not smart enough to pick up on it (again trust wallet we’re looking at you). So it’s possible that some wallets only shows the first transaction in the multisend transaction – but all the tokens you were airdropped are in the wallet! You can check it out on etherscan.

== Burn ==

Shortly after the airdrop, we burned the extra sale tokens, together with more tokens from other pools such as the team pool in order equalize the tokenomics.

The burn transaction on the Ethereum chain:

The burn transaction on the Binance chain:

== Next ==

Our next step is to release the token on the DEX pools, which we will do on Monday the 26th, after which we’ll make another announcement!

If you have any questions just ask.

– MyCryptoCheckout Team